Packing List – Singapore

My planned trip to Singers has come around very quickly, and as I’ve mentioned in another post I’ve booked a seat only ticket. I’ve done carry-on only before, but this time I’m doing my best to exercise ninja-like light packing skills.

I’m borrowing the unhusband’s Yee Ross Crumpler backpack for this one, which has a capacity of just 13L.

So what am I taking?

Clothes (to fit into a small Kathmandu packing cube) – two white ‘Airmax’ tank tops from Uniqlo, three changes of underwear, two changes of socks, sleep shorts and a singlet top, and one black convertible ‘resort’ dress than can also be worn as a maxiskirt. I bought mine from Intimo. On travel day I’ll be wearing a pair of black stretch Capri pants, a white t-shirt, some canvas sneakers, a cropped denim jacket and a large cotton scarf.

Liquids – Castile soap (also to use for handwashing of clothes), jojoba oil, contact lens solution, small tube of liquid blush, sunscreen in a GoToob, and a small amount of apple cider vinegar (which I use to condition my hair).


Toiletries – stick deodorant, razor, toothbrush, Lush toothpaste tablets, solid shampoo bar in shampoo tin, mini hairbrush, blister tape, nail clippers, ‘sleep kit’ containing eye mask, earplugs and an aromatic relaxation balm. Not pictured – hair ties, aspirin, contact lens case, Hydralyte effervescing tablets.


Make-up – powder foundation and brush, solid perfume, eyeshadow pencil, mascara, lipliner, sheer lipstick and a tube of Pawpaw and honey balm that can be used as a lipbalm and for minor scrapes, cuts and insect bites.


Bunch of crap in an extra-small Kathmandu packing cell – ereader, passport, small softcover Moleskine notebook, pen, glasses in case, cables and earphones, iPhone, convertor plug. Not pictured – travel documents.


The rest – a crossbody handbag with a zippered top, fold-up water bottle, and a small travel towel.


Travelling day outfit, with my teeny little backpack, ready for an adventure!